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Why you need Hyloft

What do you have trouble storing? Is it seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations and lights, suitcases and lugage, large plastic tubs full of momentos and items you dont want to throw away, sports items waiting for the next season or all of the above. Believe it or not, but the Hyloft range of overhead storage racks can take care of everything on this list and much, much more. These racks can be fully adjusted so you can have them as low or as high as you want. Plus, they come in a selection of sizes, they are heavy duty and can hold an amazing amount of weight.

The racks allow you to utilise cubic space in your garage that you wouldnt normally use. With these units, you can store your most precious items in your home and still have space to utilise. Organizing your garage is sometimes difficult because you have to gather like items and make sure that you can find them later. Also, the standard garage shelving units can sometimes be bulky and can take up a lot of space. But, Hyloft’s overhead garage storage units are off the ground and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. With these shapes and sizes, you can fully customize your overhead garage storing units so that you can better organize your belongings. 

When it comes to bulky and large item storage options for your garage, our overhead storage racks suit all applications - and budgets. Hyloft storage units are strong, durable, and user-friendly that will help you maximize your space in the most efficient manner with products that are engineered to be safe, secure, and easy to install.

The ceiling storage units are designed and engineered not only to fit in any garage with any truss configuration, but also for any environment. Engineered to absorb and disperse energy with a limited amount of sway and designed using parts that were extremely strong, and light in weight thus reducing the overall load put onto the ceiling. HyLoft storage units are great for the garage, attic, shed or any other room ! These units are perfect for storing large bulky items - or just put everything into a box or tub and store it away !!!

And better still - all units are easy installed for DYI !

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Get your car back in the garage!

Why do you put the second most valuable thing you own outside while storing your mostly useless junk in the garage? LOOK UP and envision a new deck hovering over your car hood holding all that stuff on the garage floor! Coolers, seasonal decorations, extra household supplies, records and even kayaks can fit on an overhead rack.

Store Your Records

no, not the vinyl kind...

So where do you put those ATO mandated hold on to seven year records? Yes, there are attics, closets, sheds and possibly cellars (eh..maybe not..mold is devilish on paper). One place that is perfect, simply because it is out of the way and generally free of most pesky issues, is over your head!

Yes I mean over your head in the garage. I dare say 90% of garages have NOTHING using the space over the hood of the car. That's not unusual as the latest racks have been on the market for just a few years.

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Good Garage Storage!

Have a pro do is worth it!

More and more people are now using their garage as an extension of their house and an extra storage system for all their belongings. Thus, there is no longer room enough for family vehicles and other tools, for which it has been originally designed. When you catch yourself in such a situation, then it is advisable that you invest in some overhead garage storage. With the help of some equipment, you can address the problem effectively. This storage system maximizes the space for further use and frees up your wall and floor the family car and things that it was specifically designed.

By making use of your ceiling to store seldom used items and light objects, your garage floor will then be free from clutter. Another advantage of this innovative solution is its accessibility. All you need is to attach your shelves into your ceiling and a ladder.

Still not sure what to put on your overhead garage storage? Consider these seasonal items such as your holiday decors, old documents, camping supplies, old clothes, folding chairs, memorabilia and potentially hazardous equipment that you'd like to be out of your children's reach..

What are the things to consider if you want to install this storage system? Carefully consider your specific requirements, the structural capacity and design of your garage and most importantly, the materials need to carry out such a plan. You need to make sure that your garage is able to handle the extra load or you will end up messing more things up. The material composition of your ceiling will determine how capable it would be in handling additional loads. If it is made with wood or roofing material, then keep in mind to limit it to lighter objects.

Do you want your ceiling storage to occupy the whole area or just a part of it? If you have a high ceiling, then its advisable for you to utilise the whole area for a maximum storage capacity. If you want just a part of it, then choose carefully which spot you want to install it.

Considering all these factors, you are now ready to install your overhead garage storage. You can do it yourself or hire a professional if you are still unsure of your skills in getting new things done. The most common style is the heavy-duty metal frame rack. This type of ceiling storage system can hold from light to moderate loads. This means that those old documents, camping supplies and seasonal clothing, but definitely not with your bike and folding chair altogether!

Now you are ready to have that excellent overhead garage storage installed! Be sure to sort things out first and do not just get too excited with the idea of getting extra storage and freeing up your garage's floor for parking. Careful and considerate planning always drives success so take things one at a time and you will enjoy your new ceiling storage system much longer.

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