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When it comes to storage options, whether it be garage storage, or storage for your home or office, we have done our research. We have spent many years developing strong, durable, and user-friendly products that will help you maximize your space in the most efficient manner with products that are engineered to be safe, secure, and easy to install.

We started with this approach years ago, and continue to this day. The ceiling storage unit was designed and engineered not only to fit in any garage with any truss configuration, but also for any environment. Specifically, a limited amount of sway was engineered into the product to absorb and disperse energy from things like earthquakes and other forces. We also designed this product using parts that were extremely strong, but also light in weight thus reducing the overall load put onto the ceiling.

In so doing, HyLoft has been granted seven patents for the ceiling storage units alone! Beware of cheap imitations - Hyloft is the original and best (Australian Patent #2001296786)

We stand behind each and every product with a lifetime warranty, therefore, when you purchase a Hyloft Ceiling Storage unit, you can take comfort in the fact that we design our products with you and your needs in mind.

An example HyLoft Installation (Pro I unit)

Build a configuration for any Garage

HyLoft - Example1 (hyloft1.jpg)HyLoft - Example2 (hyloft2.jpg)HyLoft - Example3 (hyloft3.jpg)
  • Install into Timber or Concrete
  • Works with any Timber truss configuration
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Various sized units to suit all garages
  • Very high quality products